Spa style

In modern times, spas are no longer limited to massages, some remedies, or those famous for their wealth. Today’s spa offers a variety of treatments. In fact, there is also a spa dedicated to special treatments. Spas can be divided into several categories. Spa day Mobile Home Spa Destination spa Eco Spa Mineral Health Spa Medical spa Hotel spa Spa club Spa cruise Spa day The Day Spa category includes hair salons, beauty salons, health centers and wellness clinics that offer at least one hydrotherapy treatment.  Hotel spa alsace Day spa treatments last from 30 minutes to a day. They usually offer massage treatments, body wraps, hand and foot treatments, facial and hair treatments, health maintenance services and aesthetics. The day spa is ideal for enjoying a quick rejuvenation session during a busy week. Mobile Home Spa Mobile spa becomes home spa. At the mobile spa, the therapist will come to your home with the equipment you need and treat you with the comfort of your home. Mobile spas are becoming the preferred way to comfortably experience the benefits of spa treatments at home. You can also have a spa party with your friends at home. The mobile spa is ideal for bridal showers, baby showers, girl time-outs, birthday parties, or a romantic spa for two. Destination spa The Destination Spa is a place whose sole purpose is to help people build a healthy lifestyle. Most of these spas are located in natural beauty and climatic locations, such as mountains, islands and tropical locations. At your destination spa, the entire area is in sync with fitness, a healthy diet, relaxation and regeneration. However, destination spas come in a variety of prices and personalities. The spa’s destination is 2-3 days and offers holistic spa cooking, acupuncture, aromatherapy, detoxification, body tanning, massage, meditation and body wrap. Eco Spa Eco Spa is an eco-friendly spa. They focus on the use of substances and natural remedies for treatment and treatment. In addition to treatments, there is also relaxation surrounded by nature, and you can enjoy activities such as horse riding, mountain climbing, hiking, and nature trails. Mineral Health Spa The Mineral Spa focuses on the use of minerals in treatments. Mineral water is the best way to improve blood circulation and detoxify the body, helping to rebuild worn muscles, speed up metabolism and speed up the healing process. .. Medical spa The Medical Spa offers cosmetological treatments and preventive health care, along with traditional treatments. Complementary medicine, alternative medicine, botox, laser treatment, hair loss and dermatological treatment are all part of the medical spa. We also provide rehabilitation treatments such as alcohol and smoking. Weekly programs are frequently held to support a variety of requirements, including smoking cessation. Hotel spa Hotel Spa is basically a hotel with spa facilities. Spa treatments are offered to hotel guests and are not primarily intended for their health. Spa services include golf, horse riding and tennis. Spa club A spa club is a gym with additional spa facilities within the club. In addition to the usual facilities of a day spa, spa clubs usually have a swimming pool, sauna and steam room. This type of spa is for club members only. Spa cruise As the name implies, the cruise spa is on a ship. It’s like a party with spa facilities, as the food and drinks that are an important part of spa therapy are not restricted. The Cruise Spa is an ideal holiday for young and restless people. At any type of spa, it definitely rejuvenates and enhances your mood, body and soul.